Gateways to Torah

Jewish people have traditionally discussed a prescribed portion of the Torah each week. Messiah Yeshua joined his people in this practice. Now, a Messianic Jewish Rabbi has added his voice to the ancient conversation.

Poignant, profound and practical application[s] for each of the parashiot (weekly portions). Chapters are short, but insightful. –  The Messianic Times, Winter 2001
The Hebrew word “Torah” most likely comes from a root that means “to point the way.” To engage Torah is to engage the “Way of the LORD.” At one level, all of the rest of Scripture is a commentary on the Torah. Hence, one should not proceed in their study of Scripture until they are well grounded in the Torah. Rabbi Resnik’s study demonstrates Torah to be multi-faceted, infinitely rich, and endlessly engaging. In addition, like Shimon ben Gamliel, Rabbi Resnik clearly understands that it is not the expounding of Torah that is the most important thing, but the living it out. He demonstrates this when he writes: “Blessed is the one whose obedience overshadows their understanding” (p. 177). – Henri L. Goulet
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