How the Bible Came to Be

The first detailed study of the form and message of the Bible as a whole, along with carefully documented information on how, when, and why its diverse components were put together.

From the Preface
…Knowledge of the Bible’s origins reveals the extent to which supersessionism and triumphalism distort and subvert the core intentions of those who created it and puts us in touch with other ways of viewing Christianity in relation to Judaism. 
The starting point for an inquiry of this kind is awareness that the books at the forefront of the Christian Bible are the Scriptures of Judaism, which were assembled and codified well before the dawn of the Christian movement. Therefore, the older block of books must be seen as an entity in its own right. When and why was it created? What is its form and message? This is the focus of Part One. At some point the Christian movement added writings to the Scriptures of Judaism to form the Bible we have today. When and why was this done? And how was this enlarged Bible meant to be understood? This is the focus of Part Two.
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