Monthly Post

Think Small?!!!
March 2017

Our Smallness & God’s Greatness

Let's Engage God in the Bible!
February 2017
Formed & Transformed by the Word

The Love of God: Affect & Action!
January 2017
Mutual Faithfulness

The Wonder of Psalm 1
December 2016
Like a Tree... by the Waters!

A Robust Prayer Life!
September 2015
What a Way to Start our Day!

Talk of the “Empty Tomb” of Yeshua (Jesus) Often Empty!
April 2015
Resurrection, New Creation, & Kingship of God

Only the Childlike Can Enter the Kingship of God!
March 2015
Becoming Like Little Children

How God Revealed Himself
January 2015
The God of Covenant Loyalty

The Suffering Witness to Messiah
November 2014
Suffering for the Sake of Messiah

Yom Kippur & Al Chet
October 2014
Maximizing Our Observance!

Days of Awe: Repentance & Reconciliation
September 2014
Reflections for the Days of Awe

Passover Footnote: True Freedom is Slavery to God!
May 2014
Enslaved to God?!

Passover: An Act of Biblical Remembrance
April 2014
Reliving the Reality!

A Psalmic Prayer Life
October 2013
Praying with & like the Psalmists

Yeshua: Our Great High Priest
August 2013
May We Richly Experience the High Priestly Ministry of Messiah

Tikkun Olam (Healing the World)
November 2012
Bringing Healing to the World!

Sukkot: Reflections on God’s Dwelling
October 2012
I Will Dwell Among You!

Jewish Law & the NT
September 2012
Finding Our Way Through the Maze!

Come Study the Biblical Languages!
August 2012
Motivational Statements to Inspire You!

What's the Good News?
July 2012
Isaiah's Good News in the Gospel of Mark

Yeshua, the Scriptures, & the Faith
June 2012
A Jewish framework of thought!

The Heart of Election
May 2012
The Underlying Motivation and Heart of Election

It Did Not Have to Be
April 2012
The so-called "Jewish-Christian" schism did not have to be!

Jewish Hermeneutics: The Scriptures are for Living!
March 2012
How shall we then live?

Heschel: Know What You See!
February 2012
Know what we see, RATHER than see what we know!

Why Study with Us?
January 2012
Discover the Jewish heritage and essence of the faith!